Why the Redwood Forest slideshow?

Judy had always loved trees, and in 2008 we spent some time among the California Redwoods. Some of the ingredients in Judy's chemo cocktail were derived from trees (not Redwoods but Yews). We always knew that Judy loved the trees, and the trees got their chance to repay her affection.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Camp Eagle, Cycling Friends Boost Platelets!

Our Labor Day trip to the mountain bike festival at Camp Eagle in central Texas proved to be a big morale and platelet booster: Judy's lab values today showed that she had gone from 36 to almost 140 platelets in just a week's time. So, another round of chemo is on tap for next Tuesday (9/15), just in time for her birthday on September 18. C'est la vie.

The trip to Camp Eagle brought with it early mornings and long days, but we cannot stress enough how much fun we had at this great venue. Just look at those photos and you see how much Judy feeds off being among this great family of friends. In the first shot you see her hamming it up with little Ava, who declared that she was the Queen after scaling the rock she's standing on.

The photo to the left epitomizes Judy, child of the '60s. After all, in her own words, she's all about tie-die. Camp Eagle has the facilities for contestants to tie-die their own event t-shirts, and Judy took the opportunity to also ti-die a bandana.

In the third photo you can see Judy at work, starting one of the many groups that go off in rapid succession. Yes, that's a starter pistol in her left hand. And the last two photos show her with medic Kirk, as well as her little friend Syndey, who is growing up way too fast. The two had a friendly competition who could slide the fastest down the Wet Willy into the Nueces river. What a great weekend! Thanks to all of you who came by and made a point to check with Judy personally how she's doing.



Celia said...

Hi Judy and Jurgen - some very happy photos! Glad you had such a good time. And good news on the platelet front. Keep it up. Love from the Reinbolts xxx

Anonymous said...

Great pictures... glad you had such a great time. We did too, and enjoyed our visit with you guys. The platelet count is great news!!!

Take care, Luv, Judy and Doug

Cindi said...

Hi from PA Judy & Jürgen!

Drove 7hrs in the pouring rain to work 6hrs in the rain today (was timeboard for Univest)....

Loved the pictures!!!! Awesome news about the latest blood tests!!!

Jürgen-classes started this past Tuesday and already I'm a week behind!!!!

Cindi :)

Anonymous said...

Will be thinking of you on Tuesday, Judy, and again on your birthday Friday. Kick that cancer with the new cocktail!

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