Why the Redwood Forest slideshow?

Judy had always loved trees, and in 2008 we spent some time among the California Redwoods. Some of the ingredients in Judy's chemo cocktail were derived from trees (not Redwoods but Yews). We always knew that Judy loved the trees, and the trees got their chance to repay her affection.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Post Thanksgiving News

First of all, I would like to say thanks to each of you for your continued support and kind words and thoughts. It has been a difficult year, but we certainly have done better than just survive.

We spent our Thanksgiving in Lubbock. Our plan had been to smoke Jürgen's turkey for the Big Day, but then Martha and Alan invited us over to their place for a non-traditional Greek-meal Thanksgiving. That was fun, and we all decided to make this a tradition. So, on Friday we reciprocated, and our friends came over to our house to partake in the smoked bird. More wine flowed...

You remember that I had had a CT scan before Thanksgiving, and yesterday I saw Dr. Phillips in regard to the results. Here's a quick run-down of what he told me: The cancer does not appear to have grown and there is no new tissue; however, there is some cyst-like tissue that is pushing against my urethra, close to the exit from the left kidney. As a result, urine backs up because it can't properly pass through the urethra. So, next week I will see a urologist to see what can be done about this. Quite likely a small stent will have to be inserted to open up and support the urethra. In regard to the chemo, Doc Phillips wants to continue with our current drugs as they seem to work. My next chemo treatment is scheduled for next week Tuesday, and on Wednesday I will see the urologist, Dr. Aronoff. And, I almost forgot, I'll be getting a weekly shot of a blood-boosting drug that Tour de France riders would probably love to get their hands on.

So, that's life in the Big World of JuJu. Happy Holidays!



Judy and Doug said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving... good friends and good food... and wine!!! You're in our thoughts and prayers and we're hoping for an easy fix to the urethra problem. Stay strong and keep us posted.

Happy Holidays... Judy and Doug

The Maples said...

Judy- You are such an incredible trooper! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers as you fight this thing. Stay strong and thanks for keeping everyone posted on your continued progress.

Scott,Rachel,Harrison and Luke.

aka Kathy said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Glad to hear that the cancer is behaving itself, just wish that it would play nice and LEAVE!

The urologist has the same last name as the surgeon that did Alan's hernia operation... wonder if they're related?

HUGS! Kathy

Cindi said...

Hi Judy!!

Sending hugs and greetings from Vermont! Ever since Thanksgiving, have been working part-time, so haven't had much of a chance to check in. Job ends with Christmas-but it's good to be out and about.

Still no snow here (yippee!!!)-but lots of rain. Has the ski areas really sad-but not me!! Yesterday it was in the 50s!! Certainly an anomaly for this area!!!

Cindi :)