Why the Redwood Forest slideshow?

Judy had always loved trees, and in 2008 we spent some time among the California Redwoods. Some of the ingredients in Judy's chemo cocktail were derived from trees (not Redwoods but Yews). We always knew that Judy loved the trees, and the trees got their chance to repay her affection.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A week off from chemo

After three straight weeks of treatments, Judy is off this week. Yeah!

The photo above came from our good old friend Lee in Dallas, who used to coach Judy during her racing days and whom we see once or twice a year either in Las Vegas when we all room together at Interbike or when a race takes us to the metroplex and we have a chance to catch up. Lee, who is still one bad dude on a racing bike, decided to put this decal on his new team bike. As he wrote in his e-mail to us: "She has given me the inspiration these past couple of years, hence the pink computer that I ride, and now I thought I would share with people who it is for!"

Needless to say, Judy got all teary-eyed when she read Lee's sweet words.

On another note, I'm finally back home for a while. Last week, right after Memorial Day, I had once again flown to Quebec, where I completed my Doping Control training for the UCI. (The picture below show me with my instructor, Louise L. from Montreal.) I made it home late last night. It was a very interesting trip, and I hope that my performance was satisfactory. For once I could make good use of my languages as in one day I conducted four doping controls in four languages. Now, that's what I call fun!


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MichelleL said...

So good to hear you guys are doing so well. The bike decal is awesome. Lee's a great guy. Sounds like your lives are exciting as always. Jurgen, you have become quite the impressive UCI official, rising to such high levels. Love the tie by the way. Haven't seen you looking so spiffy since my wedding!!
Love to you both,