Why the Redwood Forest slideshow?

Judy had always loved trees, and in 2008 we spent some time among the California Redwoods. Some of the ingredients in Judy's chemo cocktail were derived from trees (not Redwoods but Yews). We always knew that Judy loved the trees, and the trees got their chance to repay her affection.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

From the two of us come the best wishes for a healthy and happy 2009!

We rang in the new year in a quiet fashion, first with a nice steak dinner (and a fine bottle of wine) at home and then for a little while with some friends who had invited us to a small gathering at a hotel within walking distance--we just didn't want to drive anywhere last night after Lubbock had seen some horrible accidents over the past few weeks. We hit the rack a few minutes before midnight and somehow managed to miss the ball dropping on TV. Oh well.

2009 will be challenging, in many ways. But we're ready after last year brought such profound changes to our life. Judy appears to be on such a positive path that we continue to be extremely optimistic in regard to her health, and everything else will then fall in place. If anything, we have become even more aware of our fragile position in this universe.

We hope that all of our family, friends, and acquaintances will experience much positive in the year to come. Cheers to all of you, and may we see each other soon!



Nana (Deb Stevenson) said...

I pray that 2009 will be a better and healthy year. But what an inspiration Judy has been throughout her health ordeal with her "I can beat this monster" and positive attitude! Blessings to you both and may you remember what the important things are! We love you dear friends!

Cindi said...

Hi Judy! Hi Jürgen!
Just stopping by to say "hi". Nothing much happening up here. Rich just headed back to work today after being off for the holidays. Dixi,Kodi and I are holding down the fort.

Hugs and prayers from those of us "up North"....

Cindi :>