Why the Redwood Forest slideshow?

Judy had always loved trees, and in 2008 we spent some time among the California Redwoods. Some of the ingredients in Judy's chemo cocktail were derived from trees (not Redwoods but Yews). We always knew that Judy loved the trees, and the trees got their chance to repay her affection.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Every day, things become just a little better

It's about time for an update. I just returned after driving about 1,250 miles to Ruston, LA, site of one of Judy's most favorite mountain bike races, the Piney Hills Classic. Wow, it was another great race, but we had to work pretty hard with not only Judy absent this year but two key members of the timing crew as well. But everybody pitched in, and it all came off without a hitch.

While I was gone I called Judy several times a day. A number of friends came by to give her company, help her with her shower, administer the antibiotics, and even take her out to Michael's to buy some craft stuff. She is now at a point where she can take a shower by herself, even applying the waterproof cover for her central line (through which she is going to receive daily antibiotics until at least this Thursday).

I am so proud of Judy: She has been a model patient. She is doing a few things around the house, but everything in just very small portions. She is taking her naps and is really taking things easy. She has been working diligently on her caloric intake, and even though eating is still the weak point, I think that she's doing a little better. We're still bothered by the nausea that sets in every time right after the antibiotic has been adminstered. Tonight she threw up some of the peanut butter that she had eaten. Right afterward she cried a little, and I sure was glad to be here to hold her. I told her that she'll just eat a little more of the peanut butter and that it's really not a set-back.

I can't believe how strong her attitude continues to be. She's not afraid of the chemo but a little apprehensive since she doesn't know how she will react. Jimminy, I'd be scared s***less in her situation! And she is just a "little apprehensive"!

This Friday, on Halloween, we will see Dr. Phillips and get the run-down on the chemo. We expect that her first treatment will come as early as next week. I think we both are ready to get started with the second major stage. Let's kill the bastard while it's weakened from having lost a lot of its sorry bulk to surgery. Judy hopes that the antibiotics will be stopped on Thursday so that she can, as she said, have a little holiday from the nausea before chemo starts. Maybe some of her appetite returns by the weekend and we can have us a nice meal together--even if she eats just a fifth of what I'll wolf down.

Good to be back in town after this last of this year's mountain bike races for us. Only one more race, the Half-Ironman World Championships in Clearwater (FL) in two weeks, are left for me this year. Yeah!



Nana (Deb Stevenson) said...

I'm glad there are improvements every day! I hope she will get to stop taking the antibiotics on Thursday, but glad they are available to help knock out any infection. See you Thursday Judy! You continue in my daily prayers!

MTB_Chik said...

You don't know how nice it is not to have the daily updates. I'm just taking that as a good sign!

Keep a smile on your face.

We miss you!
Cath and John

Cindi said...

Hi Judy!
Just getting back from Banner Elk and catching up on how things are going for you.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the antibiotics can be stopped tomorrow.

Yesterday we had our first snow of the season. With temps going into the 40s tomorrow-it hopefully won't last. Guess we put on our studded snow tires just in time!

Even though I can't be there,when I'm knitting away up here-you're in my thoughts and prayers.

Cindi :>

WayneLorane said...

Yeah Judy! Good to hear you're getting a little stronger everyday. I'm glad you're resting and taking it easy. You know that has to be helping your body to recover from the surgery etc. I hope you can get off the antibiotics tomorrow...will Allen come by or call or do you have to go in to find that out? I can only imagine how tired you must be of feeling nauseated. Yuck. Take care," rest up" as Wayne would say, and we'll be very interested in what Dr. P has to say on Friday. Are your little friends coming by to Trick-or-Treat Friday evening? I'll bet Anna will want her JU JU to see her all dressed up in her costume, if they do that at this age. Have fun!...but keep resting.

Love, love, love, WayneLorane

Anonymous said...

Remember that eating begets eating. Perhaps try eating one thing so you can say today I ate....a cookie, or half a sandwich, etc. It's the 'little by little' concept. Days are made up of tiny seconds; months are made up of many days, etc.)

We're always praying for you. Keep up your courage!

Priscilla, David, and Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Judy..Home Sweet Home...Your own personal comfort zone. Now, it is time to allow your body to heal and become stronger for the next step of the battle. You have a tremendously impressive support team.

I will continue to pray that God remains close by your side to guide you and continue to give you the strength that he has always provided you !!

I remain with you and at your side spiritually every day !!!!

Marsha Spalding,MD

nick said...

Hi Judy,
Wishing you well. You have a long uphill ahead of you, so keep digging in. The view from the top and the feeling of achievement will be worth it! Good luck with the fueling - you know you need it for the long haul, so work on finding a way to get sustenance. I'm sure you will get there.

All the best
Nick Sheen

Anonymous said...

Hello Judy!
Every day and in every way things are getting better and better! You are in my thoughts and prayers. All of us at the Social Work program at LCU have so much respect and admiration for you and pray for a smooth recovery and for freedom from cancer. Blessings and peace...Tony Parnell.

ms, eddie said...

Great news Bit, glad you were able to get out of the house and do a little shopping. Hope you got your cookies made. We miss you!