Why the Redwood Forest slideshow?

Judy had always loved trees, and in 2008 we spent some time among the California Redwoods. Some of the ingredients in Judy's chemo cocktail were derived from trees (not Redwoods but Yews). We always knew that Judy loved the trees, and the trees got their chance to repay her affection.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Judy is settling in at home

What a difference being at home makes! Judy slept the best since before surgery, getting up only once during the night to tinkle. For the time being, she is sleeping in the guest bedroom since getting in and out of the guest bed is a little easier than trying to tackle the water bed.

We've been a little concerned about a "stitch" in her left side, in the kidney area. Last night it was much more pronounced, and she was positively groaning a few times just sitting up and moving around, but we used the heating pad and she's been really good in regard to rehydrating, and even though there was a little soreness today it appears as if things have become better.

The other worry that we have is that there still has not been a "real" bowel movement--a little mucus-like stuff here and there, but she feels tight and full. If nothing "happens" by Monday we will call Dr. Phillips' office. Addendum: While writing this, it did happen!!!!! We're in business--the real thing.

Judy spent most of the day lounging around the house, taking things easy. (Thank goodness!) Emily came by to keep her company, and with Em's help Judy was able to take a shower, get her food, and even take a few easy walks in front of the house. A few friends and neighbors came by to say hi, and several of them brought by food. From Miles H. and Judy R. in NC Judy received one of those incredible "edible arrangements" with fruit galore and chocolates to boot! We really appreciate all those goodies, but we're now maxed out on fridge and freezer space! Everything looks yummy, but Judy is eating so little right now and I can only eat so much, so maybe hold off for a few days before bringing by anything else.

With Emily around the house I was able to lead the long Grape Day ride for our bike club. It was a gorgeous day, with little wind, and we had a nice group together. I ended up with a total of 68 miles for the day, which is farther than I have ridden in many, many weeks and months. Having fun with our club buddies at the winery sure was fun too, and I only wish Judy could have come out for this event as she's always liked it.

We also managed to give Judy her first home-administered antibiotics treatment via the central line. Just in case, her friend Sandi—still in town on her trip from Dallas—supervised my hooking Judy up, and apparently I didn't screw up too badly.

After supper (not much for Judy, but she is trying hard to eat as much as possible) Judy opened a package that had arrived yesterday afternoon but that she had felt too worn out to open earlier. She was absolutely floored by the gorgeous quilt that Jennifer B.'s mom Eileen had made for her. Judy is all wrapped up in it right now and feeling cozy. Thank you so very, very much, Eileen!

Well, that was a lot of good news for the day, and we're excited about the progress (especially what happened in the bathroom just in the last few minutes). Let's hope we continue in this direction.



Nana (Deb Stevenson) said...

I am so excited that Judy had a 'real' bowel movement, I know that is a big step. I wanted to call buy knew you would have many friends in/out or calling. Thank you continuing with your post. Keep getting stronger Judy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jude,

So glad that you are home. Now you really do need to take it easy. Luckily I had the summer Olympics o entertain me after my surgery. You will have to find something else. The anti-biotics should go smoothly. Just remember to take them out of the frig in enough time so you don't do them cold. I'll be interested in what type of chemo they are going to give you. Probably different than mine, but you never know. I'll give you a call soon. Take care.
Cindy L.

Celia said...

Hi dear friends - that's great news that you are now back at home together. Judy, just behave yourself and don't you dare do anything other than rest! Hopefully you still have some lovely Texas sun - better than our UK stormy autumn weather approaching ... Lots of love from us all. Celia x

WayneLorane:) said...

I was wondering about the bowel Movement. Whew. That's a good first sign for being back home. It's hard to relax and "go" with EVERYONE around in the hospital.

What a Beautiful quilt! What a wonderful cheery gift. Wow!

ok so take it easy Judy. Sounds like Em is glad you're home too. Just relax in your new quilt and build up your strength.

Love, love, love, WayneLorane:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy, I'm keeping up with you and so excited that you are finally home. We are in the lovely Black Hills of South Dakota where John's mother lives and where we have a great old cabin in Spearfish Canyon. Yesterday, I thought of you as we were in the forest and sawed up a fallen spruce tree near our cabin. The wind had taken it down some time ago, but the wood was still pretty green. John wielded the chain saw and I stacked the wood!

You would love it here. I am bringing you something from our cabin site that you will love. Nothing to eat! I understand you're 'fridge is overflowing.

Love you and keep getting strong! Becky Orem

Will, Erica, Kynedy, Nolan, Lane said...

GO Judy!!!!!!!

MichelleL said...

Judy and Jurgen,

So glad to see that you are both home together and that Judy is doing so well. Sounds like things are progressing and that so far, Judy is obeying the rules. Enjoy the thoughtful dinners that others bring by and accept all help in whatever form. People love you and want to be there for you. I miss the Grape Day ride and wish I could have been there too! Hopefully we'll see you soon! Love and hugs,


Lagniappe said...

I am SO happy that Judy is finally home.
I wish you both well and wish I could be there to help out with something.
Just know that I am thinking of you guys and sending positive vibes and good wishes your way...